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the Climate Emergency Petition Storm

Friday's For Future -- Southern California Nov 1 City hall

Additional Information

Friday, November 1, 2019 with Greta Thunberg at LA City Hall at noon.

200 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Climate breakdown is a serious problem in the US that requires action on many fronts and political levels. 

We support:
-Declarations of climate emergency and strong climate action plans at local, county, regional, state and federal levels and at numerous instutions from schools to businesses to places of faith.
- Leaders creating safe pathways under 2.7 degrees F (1.5 C) rise in our temperature.
- Uniting behind the climate science.
- Abiding by the Paris Agreement.
- Change and solutions. We demand change instead of climate change. Social change is possible. Solutions exist today while policies are being blocked
by an unhealthy system. A rapid transition from greenhouse gas emitting fuels like coal to clean energy like solar and wind is possible. 

In facing these climate challenges, through decisive action, these measures will create jobs, protect our nation's natural resources, promote human health, reduce catastrophic forest fires and flooding, and improve the overall well-being of all Americans. By urging private and public leaps to clean energy, these measures will bring a savings to Americans. States must become world leaders in solar and wind power.

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