Yellow is for Nuclear

An old video created by the government polluters at Santa Susana Field Laboratory reveals new facts.

In this old video published on YouTube has unlocked a fact about the old Area IV burnpits that the company and its federal partners have denied for decades.

Through the public comment process, it was observed and noted that yellow barrels were seen in Area 1 - owned by The Boeing Company who has strictly denied nuclear operations took place on the other portions of the site. 

The Rocketdyne manager in the video clearly describes the use of yellow containers to clearly identify nuclear material, and while denying all but rare occasions, the background reveals more yellow containers than anything else. 

This evidence really means we need radiological scanning in all areas prior to excavation to protect workers in the future from mistakes of the past.

CTL III also had nuclear signs located in the facility based on "rad sources used), and that was located in Area 1 and one the first to be demolished under the new agreements in 2007. 


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Cleanup of the Area IV Burnpit

Descriptions and procedures demonstrated in this video confirm use of burnpits to burn nuclear waste despite previous denials from the operators and owners of the site.