The Divide-and-conquer Playbook on facebook


Groups designed to attract extreme supporters and support their existing bias.

8/20/18 - By a small group of citizens committed to changing the world.

What happens to democracy when "truth isn't truth?"

Traditional propaganda follows a highly effective "business model"   

— small cells of people, coordinate for an effort that they truly believe in. To work, the groups should be custom-designed to suit every flavor of the republican Trump supporter:

Misrepresenting who the Group is: "Blue Lives Matter" —but content isn't run by cops.

One of the most glaring examples of misrepresenting an audience by essentially misrepresenting who the leaders are to the followers: Blue Lives Matter.

Of course "Blue Lives Matter," so it is natural that every police officer across the United States is a member if they are active on Facebook  

—2.1 million followers all led and fed by

Traded on the NYSE, they specialize in in-depth media for both sides. But "Being Liberal" isn't actually for liberals, but for those who want to mock liberal minded people.

Looking more deeply into the video content provided on Blue Lives Matter, there are violent stabbings of police officers by people of color, clearly designed to enrage the people carrying the guns.

And if it was really run by police officers, would they be using advertising dollars in battleground states to promote violence? Probably not.

Instant notifications through Group Membership = TROLLING

Let's take a look at some of these groups and who they attract. Then we ask, what is the hate-monster they seemingly want to create? Finally, what do they feed the monster they have created or tapped into?

Six Degrees to Russia? Perhaps far less:

Here is a beginner's list to the Hatebook Playbook:

Russian Nobility Association in America

Tatiana Main might even mean this is her main account, because there are  many.

Freedom Politics Today

Keep Trump 8 more years

Judicial Watch is a huge website followed by those who believe they are reading legitimate news. Looking at their advertising in August, 2018, they seem to still think Hillary is running for election. With five million in their audience who think this is a legitimate site, the propaganda campaign can be very effective with few being the wiser. More

Video the Vote asserts that people at polling places should be recorded by citizens to prevent "voter fraud" by undocumented people.

Conservative Punk appeals to the younger conservative.

Dump them Trump Haters

Campus Hate Watch actually seeks to find those criticizing the President on campus.

Praying Citizen

Prissy Holly or Journalist Prissy Holly and extreme groups associated and promoted by Prissy Holly.

Maria Browne connected to NYS Republican Latinos and the Russian Nobility Association in America.

Call Center Pro AMLO pushing in Mexico's 2018 presidential politics from Russia. 

We Are Q has so many variations popping up and being deleted as we speak and publish.

Patriot Newswire

Ivan Yermakov  

—Indictment name search

Viktor Netyksho  

—Indictment name search pushes Canadian pro choice abortion: Choice42, Oil Sands Action, We need a Law, and Rehumanize International, as well as a conservative blog, "Lipstick Politics," serving up the opposite. The Post Millenial USA

Fluffington Post and here are some pro-life sites he also pushes: Students For Life of America and Human Defense Initiative, and March for Life

And then there is Tiffany Trump, perhaps the perfect shill that no one suspects for use here and connections to Prissy Holly and others. 

Here are more examples of Prissy's extreme audience divided into neat little nuggets: 

Extremely Pissed Off Right Wingers 3

another Prissy Holly group of 200k people.

Team President Donald J. Trump or 

Veteran AF

President Donald J. Trump 2020

The Ranting American

Wake Up America (The Original) with 483k)

III% Security Force Intel (which identifies on Facebook as a campground).

Here is Prissy Holly II, because she is afraid she is being targeted, so this is a "back up account."

Political Correctness is Dead

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

Evangelina Ciflagenec, an Obama and Bernie activist who seems to be more Russian and pro-Russian than most, and connected to senior Obama staffers on Facebook. Interestingly, if you look past the poem about her love for Obama on her background photo, you will find disturbing connections and content  

—including straight to the Manhattan Madam and Randy Credico.

Maija Vitola

So, we aren't sure how much removing Alex Jones from the internet air-waves will really do unless these groups and their content are also scrutinized and evaluated for hate.

Anatoliy Kovalev - indictment name search leading to many, many of these:

Anatoliv Kovalev

Anatoliv Kovalev

Anatoliv Kovalev

Anatoliv Kovalev

Anatoliv Kovalev

Anatoliv Kovalev

Anatoliv Kovalev

Anatoliv Kovalev

Anatoliv Kovalev

Anatoliv Kovalev and so many more. We are still researching the fascinating connections and groups associated with this indictment name. 

* This list is updated daily based on news and new revelations in our research.

Collusion is an attempted coordinated effort:

If you identify an account as fake and report it to Facebook, it is worth your effort because if that same account or phone number creates another account, you will be notified of the new name and be given a CHOICE as far as blocking that person. So we don't have to become the thought police, we can simply identify those inauthentic, and they will begin to lose their power automatically through sunlight.

Facebook describes an "Inauthentic Coordinated Effort"

By shining sunlight on these accounts which are just as prevalent locally as they are on the larger political scale, the monsters crawl back into the shadows where they belong.


Sunlight unlocks the mysteries of who drives the news

Accounts and Groups designed to misinform are easy to identify.

It starts with the search window.

We started with the simple search of "Hillary in Prison" and were shocked and  saddened by the number of groups devoted to this effort. Equally so, are Obama in Prison groups. But the mystery fades when we begin to see the same names, same accounts, and the same groups driving these efforts. The list flows from Prissy Holly, who denies being Russian, but also recommends her favorite travel agent in Moscow

— to the Russian Nobility Association in New York which is rather self-explanatory 

—and may even be a decent list of every Russian with money tied up in New York. 

But then we quickly realized that the fact that we were finding things "on both sides" was intentional and by design. The key was to determine who was running the groups, essentially by weeding out the "inauthentic" ones by reviewing the quality of their content...and character. For example: Police don't incite violence, so stood out.

Learn More

Seeking to identify all "inauthentic coordinated efforts" on Facebook to misrepresent the people by dividing them further. Many of these tactics include showing divisive and even violent videos to incite anger and hate.

They write what we want to read


And the clicks and the $$ keep rolling in. Or is it Rubles?

Because of Facebook's recent apologies and policy changes, we can now look at "Info and Ads" and learn who spends and how many advertising dollars have been used, and where they have been targeted. If they have been targeted to specific states, we can immediately question why.


Generate excitement and anger. Are they one in the same?

Of course you generate anger when sharing a video of a police officer being stabbed. That anger translates to more shares, more comments, more anger, more hate. The question then becomes,  what do people do with that hate? If they are in a place of authority where they might see violence on a regular basis, they might associate those people with the videos they have seen, or rather, been fed.

Another recent example of this was exposure of Black Lives Matter and "Blacktivist" sites actually being impersonated, and feeding their audience racist and violent content that actually caused a peaceful group like, "Black Lives Matter" to be identified by many as a "terrorist group."  That wasn't by accident. The content was inauthentic, but the response to that racist content was very real and fueled a backlash to any label of 'racism' associated with language either by the President or by those emboldened by the rhetoric.


What are you going to do about it?

It's up to all of us to demand unbiased news that is accurate. It is up to us to say no to hate. By shining light on these inauthentic groups designed to divide, we don't remove our freedom of speech, but make us more educated in the speech we listen to. These people are all free to exist. And if we understand who they are and what their motives are, their words will lose their power. It's up to us, America.